Bruce Wolosoff's music is beautiful, very musical, independent-minded stylistically, and comes from a very warm and terrific person.

— William Bolcom

Bruce is a wonderful, thoughtful composer who not only combines popular musical idioms successfully with classical concert music, but  also brings together the spontaneity and freshness of improvisation within the scope of formally conceived, fully notated music. Walking this tightrope between the free and the controlled, his music is always vital, engaging and compelling.

— Sebastian Currier

Wonderful pieces. I love them all!

— Lukas Foss

Bruce Wolosoff’s "ghost dances"  are a great discovery.

— The Washington Post on ghost dances

Bruce Wolosoff is a composer worth watching-or even better,  worth listening to 

— The Indianapolis News on the secret fire

lush melodies that never ran in predictable grooves

— The Indianapolis News on the secret fire

"the passions" is a driving pulsing original score   

— The Duluth News Tribune on the passions

Drawing on both the starkness of Beethoven’s late-quartet  style and the sorrowful language of the blues, this is a moving,  well-crafted piece that offers accessibility without being simple-minded.

— The Washington Post ("Consorting with Greatness") on bodhisattva

Bruce Wolosoff’s contribution, a trio for violin, clarinet and piano called ”blues for the new millennium”  really does sound and feel like  a turning point. Opening with bits and pieces of thematic material tossed around in familiarly idiomatic contemporary ease, the bits begin to take on blues sounds, the piano moves into boogie  patterns and the music seems to morph back and forth between classical contemporary and blues personalities.

— The Washington Post on blues for the new millennium

the music was always lovely to hear

— The NY Times on looking for the moon in the sea

unashamedly romantic and exquisite

— The Music Connoisseur Magazine

As Pianist

Bruce Wolosoff's playing is beautiful and dynamic. His musicianship is so broad-minded and of such a high calibre, that when I associate with him I feel like I am with one of the legendary pianists from out of history, you know, like Chopin and Liszt hanging out.

— Jaki Byard

A great pianist . . . who has something to say!

— Repertoire, Paris

Mr. Wolosoff is an artist with ideas. He combines keen musical insight with a prismatic sense of tonal color.

— The New York Times

Wolosoff was literally all over the piano in this tremendously difficult piece. He seemed to understand it well, had the technique to conquer it, and completely communicated its feeling.

— The Denver Post

Through the careful use of every gradation of touch and both pedals he brought forth a luminous Beethoven performance. If it was not the most standard reading of the piece, neither was it gratuitously quirky nor a rehashing of someone else's ideas. This was a well though-out point of view presented with clarity.

— The Newark Star-Ledger

All those who love Busoni's work owe it to themselves to hear Bruce Wolosoff's compelling and beautiful interpretations. They are exemplary.

— Hannah Busoni

The evening closed with a subtly poetic and beautifully shaded transversal of Debussy's Preludes, Book One. Too many pianists-- eyes cast heavenward and damper pedal locked into position-- turn these enigmatic pastels into sonic mush: Mr. Wolosoff's clean unsentimental performances were refreshing.

— Tim Page, writing for the NY TImes

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