The Loom

"The Loom" was composed for the Eroica Trio. Ever since I was a young boy, I have been inspired by paintings. Certain paintings, for some reason I don't understand, cause me to spontaneously hear music in my mind. When I came across the beautiful watercolors of Eric Fischl, I immediately felt this inspiration and began sketching out the music that I was hearing. I told Eric about this and asked him if it would be okay with him if I were to use this material as the basis of the new piece I was composing for the Eroica Trio. Eric was intrigued by the idea, and we spent some time together in his studio, talking about it, laughing about it, playing around with ideas, placing images in different orderings to create possible narratives. At one point in the process, Eric suggested that he make a new watercolor to include that responded to the music I was writing. Ifelt very honored and, of course, was totally thrilled! The new image that Eric painted was for Part Two of "The Loom".

'The Loom" refers to the way stories were woven into fabrics in Medieval tapestries.

The Eroica Trio presented the world premiere of "The Loom" on September 14th, 2014 at Calderwood Hall, The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston.

  • Copyright © Eric Fischl

  • Copyright © Eric Fischl

  • Copyright © Eric Fischl

  • Copyright © Eric Fischl

  • Calderwood Hall Photo:April Gornik

  • Eric Fischl and Bruce Wolosoff

  • The Eroica Trio



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