The Creative Orchestra Project

East Hampton Star

What a great project you are involved in-BRAVO!!!! I am sure you are creating the future composers for us all.

— Joan Tower

The principle is simple: a student (even one with little or no previous musical training) imagines how their music might sound, figures out how to make those sounds, gets to hear their material played in rehearsal, and refines those ideas in rehearsal with their fellow composers until they are satisfied with how the piece sounds. Then the composer conducts the Creative Orchestra in a public performance of their work.

Some of the different points of departure that I’ve used in the group process so far have been musical responses to paintings, haiku, a contemporary pop song, the concept of "metamorphosis", and silent film.

"I believe that people have so much music inside of them, music which is their soul’s expression, music which we can bring forth into the world where it might connect with other people’s hearts and imaginations. It is part of my mission to show everyone that this is possible, that they have these innate gifts and abilities that they might not even realize that they have. I am there to provide some guidance and to give them confidence in their inherent birthright as musical creators and thinkers."

— Bruce Wolosoff

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